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Started by cdm82, February 19, 2018, 19:48:29 PM

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Hi , can anyone tell me if there is a service that provides english tv for one of payment. I tend to use internet from my phone when in fuerte however would love some english tv occasionally however dont want to really commit to internet provider just for the TV. At present come over for 3-4 weeks at a time , thanks 


Hi cdm, there are quite a few iptv services advertised. Some pay ones & some relatively free. However biggest issue I think would be the data amount unless you have unlimited. Also the download speed to your phone. You would also need a way of casting to the TV. I use an Apple TV box with an iPhone/iPad. Depends where you live as well. We are in Valles de Ortega & have an antenna (not phone line) internet service with netservice we just pay that by the month as we require it so no cost when not there. HTH. If you want any more info you can pm me, cheers. . Ron


There are pay as you go internet providers but you would have to pay the initial installation charges.  I'm assuming you have your own place. Fuertewifi is very good.


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