Ryan Air Car Hire Booking Service

Started by Windermeregolfer, June 19, 2017, 18:25:50 PM

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I get emails from Ryan Air before we are due to travel promoting their Car Hire, has anyone on here ever used it?

The rates seem very reasonable.

Thanks in anticipation of your replies.


They just work as an agent for the likes of  Hertz, Goldcar, Budget, Alamo and all the others that everyone warns about.
I'm sticking with the old principle of booking direct with a recommended car hire company. If you have any issues, you know who you're dealing with. Book through an agent, and who knows what will happen when you're in trouble?


We're off to Spain tomorrow.  When I originally booked our Ryanair flights, I also booked a rental car through Ryanair (a Goldcar rental).  A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Ryanair saying they had a sale on car rental, so I checked the price and found that it was now about 50% of what I'd paid.  So I cancelled the original car booking, rebooked at the lower price, and Ryanair credited my card with the difference.  And people claim Ryanair are thieves and chaps whose parents weren't married when they were born!


I'm in fuerteventura right now having booked top car via Ryanair. It worked out at some 42 euro cheaper than booking direct with pluscar (who were the cheapest of all the firm's I would use, excluding the obvious prime offenders in the hire car market, viz Orlando etc.).

Ryanair have just emailed me a 20% off offer for my next trip out here, so will be checking that out shortly.