Internet/Wi-Fi in El Cotillo - advice request!

Started by Logitechtom, March 23, 2016, 14:39:52 PM

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Looking to have internet access in our new holiday home in El Cotillo.  Suspect WI-FI is the route we will take to avoid the costs of phone installation etc...

Were advised that 'Fuertelecom' were the major WI-FI suppliers in El Cotillo, but googled myself silly and still not found their website  :o

So...... Any advice please on:
1. Wi-Fi suppliers operating in El Cotillo.
2. Any information about Fuertelecom (website address etc..).




Dawn and Colin in the Lavandaria in El Cotillo will get you sorted. Just up the road from Arcotrust/ Caixa Bank  but on the opposite side of the street  Works a treat for us and at 5 Euros a week for a month, unlimited data it's a bargain.


Anyone have an update on the availability of Fuertelecom wifi in El Cotillo? The lavandaria seems to be no more and we need an internet connection for our apartment down at the Cotillo Lagos end of town. One of the neighbours has a Fuertelecom account (it pops up as a wifi connection option), but the owner is in Spain and never there to ask.

Any advice much appreciated!


Martin {AKA MLA} has an apartment in Cotillo and has WiFi when he logs on he will help I am sure, I believe he is at The Airport today, so it could be tomorrow.


The local representative is Rick Rhoden. Contact him on +34 678 78 92 38 (he has What's App) or

Hope that helps.



Hi there. We have recently purchased an apartment and needed reliable wi fi we have e mailed Nick about his services but received no reply.
Can any one recommend any other providers?


Hi Mark,

Fuertetelecom have had quite a few changes in recent months. Dawn and Colin at the laundry are no longer in Cotillo (but there is a new self service laundry in one of the shops at the Cotillo Beach Hotel) and Rick from Marfolin apartments is no longer representing Fuertetelecom.

We were asked to contact Juan, but he never replied to any emails or messages!!

Finally, it was suggested we contact Jose on +34 672 09 49 00 (he is on what's app), and he responded instantly and we are back on line.

I'm aware that some customers are suffering poor connections and I suspect some of the infrastructure needs repair or replacement, but we are getting pretty much near normal service, except whilst trying to watch the F1 race yesterday, which was SO frustrating!!!

Hope that helps.



Best bet these days in Cotillo is a mifi from Vodafone in Rosario.  15GB per month for around 25Euros and can be put on hold for up to 3 months when not in residence.  The mifi unit itself becomes your property after 12 months and can be used with other companies, should they work out cheaper.  Fuertelecom is a dead loss, forever breaking down and no one to get hold of.


Does Netservices operate up there ? We have them in Valles de Ortega & give a good service. Internet by antenna on roof !! Just a thought 🙂🙂


Does the shop near the bottom of the main street still offer internet? We used to use it on our twice-a-year visits, but haven't for a year or so, as it started closing earlier in the evening. My wife's phone is playing up, so she'd like to use an internet shop or cafe in Cotillo if possible. (26 September - 4 October).

Thanks in advance for any info......        Stewart


Hi Stewart, yes that little shop still provides internet access but now on just four computers (not long ago he had 12!!).

You will also get free wi-fi in almost all cafes, bars and restaurants. I can only think of a few that don't offer WiFi.

The shop has recently changed opening hours and from memory (so I might be wrong) it's Monday to Saturday, 10:00-13:00 and 16:00 to 17:00. If I remember, I will check that info as I walk past tomorrow.


Update: opening hours are 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00. Closed Sundays.


Another plus for Netservice.
We have a place on the outskirts of Villaverde with no landline or hope of in the near future.
Applied for the 'rural internet' service through Movistar but was messed about so much we gave up.
About a month ago we emailed Netservice and enquired about coverage in our location.  No problem
was the reply, we can do the install next week.  Four days later installed.  Arrived yesterday and internet
seems fine.  Will see what results are like regarding streaming when we get sorted.  The mini-dish antenna
is aimed in the general direction of Lajares/ElCotillo.  Installation very neat and tidy re. cables etc.
Back to the op, give Netservice a call or email.  For info, the router provided is a TP Link TL WR940N
450 Mbps wireless N Router.