Santander Caleta branch

Started by caza, March 08, 2016, 12:08:25 PM

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Hi ,
Does anyone know if the staff in the above branch speak  English and  would you recommend them over Sabadell Caleta branch?

Thanks in advance


Yes, some Santander staff speak English, but having obtained information from them we opened our a/c with Sabadell as we decided it was far better for us. We are very happy with Sabadell.
We use Santander in England, but accounts cannot be linked between England and Spain so Santander in Spain no advantage and more expensive than Sabadell.


Many thanks lionfish for your reply ,

Our estate agent does the full package from selling / NIE / sols / bank accounts ,
So easy for professionals to take care of things

Would highly recommend fueteventura residences in Caleta


Hang on, whose estate agents? Estate agents are paid by, and therefore work for, the seller. Yes, they may facilitate the purchase to go smoothly - after all, they don't get paid until the exchange of contracts! But they aren't necessarily working in your best interests. You always need independent advice too.