Free Wifi spots in El Cotillo and Lajares

Started by TripleH, July 01, 2012, 10:58:30 AM

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La Vaca Azul in El Cotillo has free Wifi!


Los Pireta (the Pirate) in Lajares has free Wifi.    They also have some power sockets near tables inside.   
Also have great home made food.  3 course lunch with drink and bread €8   Excellent helping, it is a favourite with the local builders etc.   So girls if you want to see some builders cracks this is the place.
On our way from the airport we make a call in there for lunch before going to supermarket.


EL TOSTON has Wifi too and better Company and food  :)


The new laundry Lavanderia el Cotillo has free wifi!

Gone Fishing

Aguayre overlooking the new harbour has wi-fi gratis

I think that you can pick up the signal next door in El Roque de los Pescadores too

Mare Alta - the excellent tapas bar on the corner of the village square has wi-fi which can be accessed on the bench outside, but always nice to buy a beer for the privilage of using the facilities  :)


Asiatico Chinese has Wifi too , also the food is fantastic  :)


Bar Piedra Playa. For me very good internet on Android tablet and Windows based laptop. Another laptop user said it failed to load for him.  Coffee is pretty poor.
Biking and beaches - total freedom


The new Hiperdino Express next to Cotillo Beach Hotel advertises free WiFi. Haven't tried it yet.


El Toston had free wifi when we visited  :)


Have just discovered that El Caleton lets you connect to other apartments WiFi when 7 is without power. Sometimes.