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General Chat / Re: Covid - Some Good news at last!
« Last post by paully on Today at 13:15:29 »
Good and interesting bit of characters and history there guys. Any more?..Cotillo always had that ramshackled look about it. I guess the locals wanted to keep it that way. The `Sunday lunch and all your favourite soaps` brigade fortunately stayed in Corrie (apt) or Caleta. It was bohemian and thats what we love about it. Sure a lot of its character has been spoiled and little gems like El Menditero have closed due to Covid but its still somewhere we`ll head back to time and again
General Chat / Re: Covid - Some Good news at last!
« Last post by Buffalo Bill on Today at 13:03:19 »
You probably bought Jo a drink as he was often to be found in one of those rustic bars you talk about. He had a mass of blond matted hair like straw and creases in his face as wide as a Barranco. Piercing blue eyes. A few of the Bars used to have his framed photographs of the island hanging on their walls for sale. His specialty was the American Star, Montana Tindaya and stormy seas of Cotillo. I must have bought at least ten of them over the years. Claude, the owner of La Vaca Azul was a good friend of Jo’s and had the walls of the restaurant plastered with his photographs. Jo was also in charge of painting La Vaca up on the top terrace. Not a lot of people know that!
Happy memories of a bygone age. It’s making me quite emotional talking about it  ;D
General Chat / Re: Covid - Some Good news at last!
« Last post by Ivemovedon on Today at 12:32:39 »
Sounds a real free spirit...I'm sure we must have bumped into him as we stayed there quite a few times in the old days. We got talking to quite a few of the locals in bars in the evenings...there wasn't much else to do but chat to people. Bought a few of them a drink or two I can tell you as they always looked hard up....truth be known the buggers probably had more dinero than me.
General Chat / Re: Covid - Some Good news at last!
« Last post by Buffalo Bill on Today at 11:25:32 »
I do remember those times well. There were some real characters around in those days. The owner of the Pirates house was a German called Ralf and you're right, I understand they offered him mega dinero to sell up, but he stood his ground so they built around him. I don’t know if he’s still there but I hope so. Another stalwart of keeping Cotillo real was a German called Wolfgang or Jo Hammer to the English. Alas, no longer alive but he was instrumental in tearing down the lampposts leading up to the lighthouse when the corrupt mayor was bribed to sell off protected land to Hotel developers. They should have erected a statue of Jo on the entrance to the Village. If you ever met him, you’d never forget him. He often walked to Tindaya from Cotillo along the track to take photographs of the prehistoric rock drawings from the Sacred mountain of Tindaya. He told me a story once of how he ended up in Fuerte. He was disillusioned with the extreme Right Wing movement in Germany and decided to leave the Country. He was obviously an impulsive sort of guy and went to the Airport and got on the first flight out which happened to be to Fuerteventura. He never went back!
General Chat / Re: Covid - Some Good news at last!
« Last post by Ivemovedon on Today at 10:47:51 »
Talking of change and Cotillo you must remember then Charlie when you could stand by the old harbour and it was all open ground across to the guy who flew a skull and crossbones above his house. It is still there apparently only because he refused to be bullied out by the authorities and its why you can see they have built monstrosities to within a few feet of his property. In fact i think you could see the Vaca Azul from the old harbour. There were a few very, shall we say rustic little bars knocking about then. When I say rustic I mean rustic. Had an Idyllic two week holiday there early 2000's and we often reminisce at how in 20 years a place can change so much. Its one of my biggest regrets witnessing that. Anyway onwards and upwards as they, say at least we saw it at its best.

And by the way if i was going to be pulled up by a copper I'd hope it was paully.  :D
Son of Dross / Re: Word Association
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Son of Dross / Re: Guess the number
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Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
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Morning all
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 08:49:27 »

Morning all
Son of Dross / Re: Todays Weather in Fuerteventura
« Last post by Captain Sensible on Today at 08:10:26 »
Clear and sunny at 8am.

The forecast is for a partly cloudy day with a shade temperature of 22 and a UV index of 6. There's a 25% chance of a shower this afternoon. The wind will be a 20 kph Ne changing to a 25 kph N this afternoon.
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