Band playing in betancuria

Started by casa princess arminda, June 12, 2012, 11:25:46 AM

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casa princess arminda

hi all my name is Amber i work in a hotel-Resurate in betancuria we have organized a band called CON-FUSION that is coming to play on sunday 17th june, the band is made up of a few kids which have come from the local music schools here in fueteventura, the music is great a bit of jazz and blues. Hope some of you can pop in and have a drink or two. Should be nice family afternoon, music is free to everyone and starting at 13.30.
Hope to see quite a few people there, will write in after to tell everyone how it goes.....

P.S The hotel- resurante can be located just behind the church and if you still carnt find it listen for the sound of music....