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 24/03/2020 - 20:30h Canary Islands. - SMALL SEISMIC REPLY IN THE PALM - SEISMIC SWIMMING IN AZORES AND REAL WARNING OF POSSIBLE ERUPTION BY THE IMP. - These days many efforts are seen in the Atlantic dorsal and with quite seismic activity (more than 1800 earthquakes) by Azores, especially on the island of San Jorge, where the Meteorological Institute of Portugal, in charge of seismic surveillance ca and volcanic, has raised alert levels to level 4 of 5, i.e. real risk of possible eruption due to the presence of clear pre-eruptive signs) with a lot of seismicity, deformation and gases, so the evacuation of the patients from the Island has been decreed and the preparation of more evacuations cions if the activity continues to increase.

Yesterday at Volcanodiscovery. - Azores.


And if we look at the seismic energy released accumulated in the Azores, after a very powerful release at the beginning, then the energy continues to release at a constant rate, which indicates an ongoing process, which does not loosen, nor accelerate, but continues, which indicates a clear eruption process underway.

Meanwhile on the island of Palma, in the Canary Islands, a new seismic recession is being produced with a swamp, which has had a deep earthquake of 2.9 to 28 km (initially 3.1) as a most notable tremor and some more with magnitude between 1.7 and 2. 3 to the lowest depth.
es2022fvikp 24/03/2020 19:21:19 28.5266 -17.8109 28.0 km M 2.9 mbLg NE FUENCALENT OF THE PALM. ILP
EDITED1: New tremor 3.1 to 9.1 km.. a few minutes ago.

START: es2022fvmjw 24/03/2020 21:22:06 28.5521 -17.8608 9.1 km M 3.1 mbLg N FUENCALENT OF THE PALM. ILP

REVIEW 1: Down and more superficial

es2022fvmjw 24/03/2020 21:22:05 28.5589 -17.7933 8.2 km M 3.0 mbLg SW MAY VILLA. ILP

At first having deep seismicity is not something strange, it is more, it was expected and predictable, let's say it is a small deep swamp, and now we will see if it presurates or not, for now we have to wait to see if it has more seismicity and stronger and see what he does the deformation. EDITED, Well with the 3.1, it looks like it's pressing something on the surface reservoir at 12-9 km..... let's hope there's no more.
The amount of gases is appreciable both in the emission in the cone, with vapor feathers and even some ashes and in the Naos port area, where toxic levels of gases such as CO2 and H2S are still given, which makes it recommended that it is not known live there and in case you go, do it with the proper protective measures and always accompanied and with measurements.

Finally, the regional efforts in the Atlantic dorsal with a 6.7 a few days ago, advance activity throughout the area of Macaronesia (Azores, Madeira, Canaryas and Cabo Verde) and even Iceland, which we will notice in the next weeks with reactiv stocks and more swamp.
In the Palma, many things are noticed, in part vibrations and noises of all this and as the magma continues to migrate deep to fill or balance the gap left by the eruption, trying to rebalance the system and restart, fact that not yet It has been produced, without presurizations Important that they indicate it like this. I mean, it keeps stopping, slowly and slowly, which doesn't stop being good news. Greetings and good night

2022-03-22   16:35:09.1 10.77  N   43.46  W   10 6.7  NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE




Beatriz Castro
thank you 🙏 Enrique. I watch it daily. I watch it with data daily. And I'm sorry when it's my area Tazacorte, the Atlantic. This was how it was yesterday and today early morning. Haven't seen it like this in months... I think the magma is heading down the Paso towards Jedey, and from there to Fuencaliente.... his little brother the Teneguia. We keep watching. Toxic gases are the only thing that concerns me the most. And the Macaronesia area with the entire Atlantic Rif.



This morning an Earthquake East of Antigua Fuerteventura.

es2022fzubs 27/03/2022 05:46:43 06:46:43 28.3975 -13.9116 0.0 1.9 mbLg E ANTIGUA.IFV



Yesterday the National Geographic Institute (IGN) located a magnitude 3 Earthquake in Villa de Mazo on Thursday night, at 9:22 p.m., and at a depth of 8 kilometers from the surface. At 7:21 p.m., another 2.9 occurred at a depth of 28 kilometers. Minutes before there was a 2.1 tremor in Fuencaliente, and two others of magnitude 2 in Mazo and Fuencaliente. At 10:00 p.m. this Thursday, the recorded earthquakes exceeded thirty, all in the municipalities of Villa de Mazo and Fuencaliente.

Official IGN sources consulted by Efe state that after the volcanic eruption at Cumbre Vieja ended, more than three months ago, there have been earthquakes of magnitude greater than 2.9, although they were in the first days after the volcano stopped roar.

The IGN teams are "attentive" to this "rebound" in seismic activity, since between ten and twelve have been recorded in a short time frame, some of very low magnitude that do not appear in the automatic system.

They reveal some activity in the Enmedio volcano, the colossus located between Gran Canaria and Tenerife
By CER- 27 March, 2022

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC), have discovered a new aspect of the unknown Enmedio volcano, an underwater crater located just between Gran Canaria and Tenerife in an area that registers some seismic activity according to the study.

In the latest expedition, the researchers have had new measuring and sampling instruments capable of reaching a depth of about 2,100 meters, where the base of a 470-meter-high underwater mountain is located, whose peak is located at 1,630 the surface of the sea.

This volcano has a terrace on its western side that is 1,900 meters deep and two secondary cones 500 meters to the southwest of the main building.

The investigation has found some temperature anomalies in the vicinity of the volcano with an elevation of up to 0.6 degrees Celsius. That is an indication that it may have hydrothermal activity.

According to volcanologists, much remains to be discovered about the submarine volcano, such as its geological age.



The fallen water in La Palma continues to show, through the steam that comes off the coladas, that there is still a lot of heat inside. #lapalma #volcanlapalma #lluviaslapalma #vapor #meteorologialapalma



Activity is still continuing . There has been a felt Earthquake with a II Intensity Pajara Fuerteventura this morning.

EVENTO: es2022iajjz 2022/04/25 00:26:27 28.4212 -14.1568 14 2.2 NW PÁJARA.IFV
Actualizado 2022-04-25 06:49 UTC




All the activity over the past few weeks can be viewed on the link below.

If you click on the top right hand boxes 3 15 90 Dias you can view all activity to 3 months ago.



Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


''29/04/2020 - 17:30h Canary Islands. -LINY SESMIC SWEAR IN THE CENTER OF TENERIFE AND SOME STRANGE SIGNS BY THE IRON ISLAND AREA. THE PALM KEEP STOPPING, BUT GAS, BEATS AND VIBRATIONS KEEP, STOPING OR DECLINING LITTLE BY LITTLE. - The activity in Tenerife continues to indicate the presence of an active process in the central area of the island, with small swamps in the Ucanca Caldera and under Pico Viejo, one between 10 and 12 km in the upper area or roof of what 2-3 days ago and it is believed to be the top of the phonolithic camera. Instead yesterday and this early morning there were some deeper 14-15 km where it is believed to be the bottom of that magmatic camera and which indicates the response of this magma body to the regional efforts affecting the island.

Swarm from the day before yesterday:

es2022iehgm 27/04/2020 03:53:43 28.2566 -16.6980 10.0 km M 1.2 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es2022iecvl 27/04/2020 01:39:37 28.2462 -16.6882 12.0 km M 1.1 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es2022iectw 27/04/2020 01:37:48 28.2378 -16.6847 11.0 km M 1.1 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es2022ieaey 27/04/2020 00:19:46 28.2840 -16.5442 2.0 km M 0.6 mbLg BE THE REAL. ITF
es2022idwbp 26/04/2020 22:14:39 28.3676 -16.6399 12.0 km M 0.8 mbLg IS THE WIN. ITF

And more activity yesterday early morning and this very early morning.

It's2022iicns 29/04/2020 06:02:31 28.2269 -16.6789 7.0 km M 1.0 mbLg NW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA. ITF
es2022ifvfq 28/04/2020 00:05:00 28.2319 -16.6819 14.0 km M 1.1 mbLg NW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA. ITF
is2022ifvfa 28/04/2020 00:04:15 28.2170 -16.6577 15.0 km M 1.1 mbLg NW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA. ITF


The appearance of an anomalic seismic sign detected south of El Hierro since November 25, and having a similar replica this Sunday makes you think something is happening under the ocean in the southern part of the island.

These signs indicate a powerful process that is characterized by its long duration and that shows us something that seems natural to all lights by its frequency spectrum, although it looks superficial. No earthquake associated with the same has been located.

The first of the signals detected, specifically the one of the past November 25, was kept active for a space between 5 and 10 minutes, The second of the signals, recorded last April 24th, remained active from 17:00 to l at 11pm, standing out as a very long signal and with some pulses or earthquakes but with a lot of noise that makes it even more difficult for its precise location.

It may be due to an anthropic origin, derived from human activity, or natural, but it reminds me of what happened at the Mayotte Archipelago in 2018.



If we compare it it seems as if it was the growth of a cryptodome underwater in depth with lava movement in depth or something (I remember that after the eruption of the Iron, this island rose 40cm and that material I entered under the i sla never went out below) so that dome would have a possible source and the dome could have suffered some sort of underwater collapse from one of the southern slopes of the island, causing that signal so long, as if it were a collapse or the fall of a hail n amount of magma across the sea floor.
This article details the batimetric map of the lava laundry that came out in Mayotte in 2019..


Finally this earthquake, which of course is more somber and is closer to the island than it indicates, because the calculating system by ground density is incorrect as it was seen during 2012 and 2013 in the swamp going in that direction southwest, magma flowing that way. Here are some reviews I wrote in 2013 on AVCAN and one of my maps..

https://ever so slightly irksome-VbHYGLfb9mHC9fbARfJ2Y4qdu9UZt8T7SjOzE

es2022igbvb 28/04/2020 03:23:49 27.4401 -19.2778 41.0 km M 3.2 mbLg ATLANTIC-Canary Islands

SOURCES: Anonymous signal in El Hierro.


THE PALM STILL STOPS, BUT IT STILL VIBRING, THROWING GASS AND SOMETIMES WHEN IT GIVES SOME EARTHQUAKE. In the north they keep noticing things, in fact last night they sent me the following message "It started so hard it made me dizzy and I had to grab and stop for a moment, because everything was turning around me." Right now it's giving some "starts", like pushups, which are very loud and background noise under your feet. It is what it is! It's been months since that doesn't go down here."

On Wednesday he commented to me that he was "Very strong back then Enrique, but very strong." Tremble, tremble and crash one after another. Noise in the background. I can feel it. "

Let no one be alarmed, the magma, despite having finished the eruption, continues to move under the island to restore its balance to as it was before the erupt, and tries to restart itself, which has not yet done, the best proof is that there is no enjam bres or presurizations as such point it out, simply, it moves. I already made an analogy that is like a well that is pumping and that after stopping the pumping the water continues to flow into the well until filling the left gap and restoring the pressure or water level.

Also the same sources confirm me, that during the signs of El Hierro, he told me: I read about the prolonged seismic wave they captured in the El Hierro. They say somewhere it was for hours. The same thing is happening here Enrique. It can last 6 to double hours! It's weird that I don't feel a tremor, a slight tremor. And those times when everything is quiet, I feel it a lot, it's another energy in "the air", especially I notice the silence of the ravine where I live, as if the "tunneler" down there had stopped.

Still editing post... a little patience.. (Enrique)


Yesterday a 2.5 mg at only 5km depth Puerto del Rosario Fuerteventura.

es2022ikrev 30/04/2022 15:42:49 16:42:49 28.4597 -13.9153 5.0 2.5 mbLg SW PUERTO DEL ROSARIO.IFV



Activity around the islands is still continuing .

This morning there have been two earthquakes over magnitude 3.0 around the Canary Islands.

es2022kxjwk 05/06/2022 01:40:14 30.3990 -17.4197 7.0 3.3 M(mb) CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REG

es2022kxobl 05/06/2022 03:47:20 30.9408 -13.7792 0.0 3.6 M(mb) CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REG



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