Nudism is dead on Fuerteventura

Started by MuscleNudist, July 27, 2023, 07:48:59 AM

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Hey you all !

Here a few days before I travel home I wants to give my honest review on the island and the "nudism" that should be here.

It's dead .. sorry to say.

I'm here with my partner and we have been renting a car through Cicar (very nice experience) so we was sure to could get around the island and see all the "nude beaches" what a disappointment.. we have been to every single beach that's mentioned in different pages and guides. Yea there is some naked people in some of them - but it's maybe 2-5% of the visitors - for us it did feel like we was interrupting a textile beach every time, very uncomfortable.

The beaches is breathtaking - but this is definitely not a nudist paradise!

Honestly opinion from us.

Enjoy your summer  :D

fizzy lemonade

In my experience the numbers are low in July & August, much more popular September - June, certainly never felt like I was interrupting a textile beach in October which is our preferred time to visit


We have been visiting Fuerte for 15 years, and always observed the largest presence of nudists than anywhere else  in the world ! But it is possibly due to the season as suggested by Fizzy lemonade. We only go to Fuerte in winter and it is possible that in the summer season the huge quantity of textile crowds would outnumber the nudists...


Sadly, I've seen the changes regarding the increase in textile visitors - mostly in recent years - that have happened in the summer months. You can't blame people, it is a stunning destination and open to all! Obviously the economy of the island benefits from the influx of visitors. I tend to visit either side of June - September, Fuerteventura as we naturists all know and enjoy with a carefree attitude.
I must say though, like the majority of Spain, there is generally a live and let live attitude amongst the majority of visitors. 


Outside of school holidays, there is always a high percentage of naturists on most of the beaches.


Just returned from a four week break to Fuerteventura. Stayed in south of the island -Esquinzo, the weather was brilliant and there was a large number of naturists at all times - sometimes more naturists than textiles on the beaches.