Hearing Tests

Started by Logitechtom, January 18, 2018, 02:52:47 AM

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Hi, anyone got information on how to arrange a hearing test in Fuerteventura?  I'm seeking a full audiologist test, not some 'fly by night' character trying to sell hearing aids (I've met them before!!!).

Assume it might be at the hospital in PDR, or perhaps the Spanish health system has hearing centres like the NHS.

This is for a resident of Fuerteventura, not for myself.




My understanding of this is, Audiology does not exist within The Spanish Health System, but is all privately run, and subsequently is relatively expensive, I know that 2/3 years ago a friend of mine,s wife, flew back to The UK to see a specialist there, I seem to recall a figure circa $2000 being mentioned.

However, there are two places I know of both in Rosario.

CEM up near The Hipodino and another two streets behind Las Rotundas cannot remember the name of the place, but I could dig it out if required.