Started by keithtx, February 18, 2020, 16:45:05 PM

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Any recommendations for iptv providers please? Mainly for UK TV channels.

As far as I'm aware you don't need a dns for these. Is that correct?

I have phone line with speed of around 9mps.



Morning Keith, there are dozens of them, we have tried 5/6, but the one we use now suits us the best, but everyone has different ideas and watches TV differently, our system gives us all the terrestrial UK channels, most if not all of the sky channels including Sky sports BT sport plus many others, most of them with a 7 day catch up facility, there are thousands of box sets and movies on demand, cost us 20€
â,¬ per month which you can pay as you wish monthly quarterly annually, etc we pay quarterly, you can switch it off for periods of 1 month or more if you are not on the Island for example.

This is his Email, I can't find his phone number:- barriecauston@hotmail.com
Obviously his Name is Barrie Causton, he lives in Corralejo.
Just tell him John Williams Caleta recommended you and he should turn up pretty quickly, at least he did to install ours and on the only occasion in 3 years we had a problem.
A word of warning he will try to sell you a Mag box if you haven,t got one, but can be purchased for half the price on Ebay


Just google iptv forums, there are a whole host of providers from about 40 a year, I've seen several working perfectly, good quality with downloadable software for Mag boxes, android, firesticks etc The good thing about forums is you check feedback on the different services and judge for yourself
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I use Beams IPTV having tried loads of others. The price charged for the services on the island are expensive. I can get for what 1 month costs here 3 months elsewhere.

Beams home page here https://beams-tv.com/index.php

The disadvantage of Beams is that it prefers you to pay in a cryptocurrency but it often has a period where you can pay with Paypal. Its service is first class & even in the UK, you can view EPL matches as they can get around the block in the UK which other providers don`t always do. Great VOD & films on Beams & good response time to problems & an online forum for issues or questions.

If you prefer to not pay with a cryptocurrency then you could try my backup service provider which is  Amazin found here https://amazintv.co.uk/

You can get a 48-hour free pass to try out Amazin. Problem is on Amazin you can`t change the box you use from one subscription to another during that subscription, while on Beams you can switch to a different box by sending a new MAC code. This is useful for me so I don`t have to keep bringing a box backwards & forwards.

Beams is my favourite as the streams seem to be better & you can get lots of local news stream on Beams which you can`t get on Amazin. Response times are better on both than lots of other IPTV services I have used. Beams is better as there are people who you can ask people on the forum.


Thanks for the replies and useful info. Much appreciated!