Mag box 322

Started by Fivetimes5, December 18, 2019, 15:09:37 PM

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Hi was thinking of taking my chipped mag box from the uk to fuerteventura , does anybody know if this will work on fuerte WiFi and is it ok to put in hand luggage on EasyJet from Lpool. Any experiences welcome ,
Thanks in advance 👍Dom


I know a guy who has taken one from here that works in the UK so I would assume the reverse would work, as for putting it in hand luggage do not know, but I cannot see a problem


I take my Mag 254 box back and forward all the time...only once have I been asked to remove it from the bag and put it through on the tray.


Thanks for the reply`s  will bring my box from u.k should be ok cheers .


I bring mine over every year and have found I have to upgrade to a faster speed as the basic packages are too slow.


I got one out there but internet to slow/unpredictable. We bring Apple boxes out with us each time(Internet also too slow for these) in hand luggage, been asked to take out as “electronics”, same as laptop etc but no problem with taking them 😁😁