Car hire for 20yo

Started by Vassiliev, December 01, 2019, 22:22:29 PM

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We are going to the Fuerteventura for the first time in January. I am 20yo with 2 years valid driver license and would like to rent a car for 1 week. I can see only companies with 21 or 23 minimum age. Anyone knows a place where I can get a car?


Hi, again Vassiliev.
I asked the question on the other forum and so far have had only one reply, see below

Hi, John, I did a bit of trawling and found this from TripAdvisor posted 2 years ago.

"Problem is most local Spanish hire companies will only hire to a 23-year-old with a minimum of 1 year driving or two will allow the age limit to be 21 years old, BUT , charge a premium for this 20 years old, I seriously think that you will be pushing it to find any car hire companies that will allow car rental....I can only think of Interrent and Autos Europe ( neither of which are ´´local´´ but are international companies who use local agents).Sorry Sad

I checked Interrent and it looks like they will rent to younger drivers,

If I get any more replies I will post them here, but I really do advise you to register on the other Forum, you will get a lot of help which may even improve your holiday, providing you ask.


And another response.

"Goldcar does allow 19yo drivers and up. Be careful about their terrible reputation. Anyone who chooses to use Goldcar should also opt for the highest rate (Premium Pack - including the Super Relax Cover) to avoid any hard sale in their office".