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Started by Nelster, August 12, 2019, 17:34:45 PM

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We are coming out to Corralejo in November for 6 months we have rented an apartment with WIFI do not know the speed. What are the best android TV boxes on the market budget £60? Should I bring one out with me or wait till I come out? Any advice greatly received.


Before you consider the options, you need to identify what you want the box for. Most apps and links, or whatever, on the Android box have been cut and a number of those re-broadcasting UK tv have been arrested. No doubt ZKTV will not agree and will sell you a subscription option.

If you just want few UK progs, and have a smart tv, then buy a VPN service for just 6 months and watch BBC iplayer, and the others.

Alternatively, you can get 1 hour of TVMucho for free on your PC or tablet.

Other options exist, and others may well offer different choices.

Basically, what do you want to watch? But I think the latest Android boxes are cheapest in UK, I believe.


Thank you for the reply, would just need the basic freeview channels BBC,ITV.


Then Mobdro is still the safe free bet though it has much more than the basic.

Go for the highest Android version as usually the box and specs follows suit, the far east. Hong Kong, Tiawan etc is cheaper from ebay but takes longer but avoid China unless you know what you're doing.

Assembled in China with western parts is very different to made in China
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