Author Topic: Solbank Mortgage floor clause claim  (Read 2514 times)

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Solbank Mortgage floor clause claim
« on: March 25, 2019, 17:22:13 PM »
We have recently contacted Solbank with regard to making a claim against the mortgage floor clause and they have advised that we can either go into branch, which is not possible until we are over in November or this can be done online via their customer services.  Has anyone tried this option and had any success as the form I have found is for general complaints and I don’t feel this is the right form for claiming on the floor clause.
Also, for anyone that has had successful claims with Solbank, did you manage the process yourself or is it recommended to get a solicitor?  If solicitor is advisable, are there any recommendations?

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Re: Solbank Mortgage floor clause claim
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Hi Billybobs,

Sorry for the delay in responding but I don't come on this forum as much as I used to.  I also missed your post as this particular thread isn't used much anymore.
I also had a floor clause mortgage with Banca March.  I to was told to come into the branch and they were useless.  I asked for the link to complete the form on-line
as I left and when I looked at the piece of paper I had been given it was just the general website.  I spoke with a solicitor who was very vague about how much and how long it would take. 
She did say without a solicitor she believes banks are short charging people who "do it themselves".  She told me they employed an accountant and for a fee he or she would
calculate the exact amount owed.  I have not since pursued my claim however if I did I would employ an accountant to work out the exact figure.  Good luck

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Re: Solbank Mortgage floor clause claim
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Re: Solbank Mortgage floor clause claim
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I used a lawyer to claim back money in 2017 when the bank refused to cooperate.  I used Fuerteventura Law who are based in Puerto del Rosario.