Movistar line rental

Started by keith edwards, February 22, 2019, 19:14:32 PM

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keith edwards

Hi all

Just back in UK again after 6 weeks and checking up on direct debits coming out of Spanish bank account every month.

I'm confused about the varying amounts that come out re Movistar line rental.

What is the current cost for just line rental only as I'm being charged 25.54 on a regular basis, then 22.98, 18.37, 10.73 over the last 12 months.

All very confusing.

We never use the phone whilst we are in Fuerte as we both have all singing all dancing mobiles but we got a line installed when the opportunity arose as they are like hens teeth in our complex.

The original agreement was for 14.97 in February 2015

Maybe its just inflation?

Has anyone had similar experience with price variances or have you any thoughts as to what its all about?

Cheers as always



I don't have a fixed line but it may be of interest to you to know that from around March 2018 the Telecoms tax rate dropped from IGIC 7% to IGIC reduciod at 3%

Currently the movistar website states a fixed line including 3% tax costs â,¬14,81 per month.

Usually with movistar you would have been on some introductory offer for the first 18months or so....