El Patio De Lajares

Started by Ivemovedon, February 01, 2019, 17:07:38 PM

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Catching up with the local gossip we heard some bad news...that Rainier proprietor of said restaurant died in Germany some time ago.

For anyone lucky enough ( or unlucky as the case may be) to have experienced the very unusual workings of this restaurant it must rank as very sad. Both him and Ingrid liked a good drink and you would come away with a very light wallet but a chaotic experience never to be forgotten.

End of an era.


Sad indeed sure he will be missed RIP Rainier

GSD Girl

Very sad news indeed. RIP Rainier. We celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary there 11 years back and it is still one of our much talked about experiences, and what an experience. Hanna decorated our table with 30 rose petals in the shape of 30. The food was outstanding. Rainier came out of the kitchen and shared a drink with us and Hanna entertained in a way only she could. Yes it cost a fortune, and certainly not the place for everyone. It was worth every Euro and we enjoyed every minute. We have returned a few times since, sad to think we wont be returning again or does anyone know if Hanna will continue to run the hotel without him?


Hanna..real name Ingrid as she told us one night is apparently struggling in the same place..bills mounting up and life getting on top. Only what I heard in the village..but then again from people who should know.