La Capitana

Started by waggy, July 22, 2013, 09:46:50 AM

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My choice is La Capitana - good food and wine, especially the fish; sunset view onto the Old Harbour.
Vaca Azul put me off the first time I went there - An iceless fish display full of dehydrated specimens covered in blow-flies. They are only 100m apart.


Think I have the right place but La Capitana is now closed and has become a Mexican restaurant


Next to El Toston ?

Whats the one further back with the big black dog outside ?


La Capitana! closed!? Falls on sword.
Ah well, Ole! as they say in Mina Titlan (yes, it's a real place on the Mexican Gulf where I've spent happy hours).


I can't remember the name of the Mexican restaurant which is on the same site or i would start a new topic.

Just beware that the food and service are both excellent but the portions are so large that I, for one, cannot get through a full meal there.


The Mexican place that replaced La Capitana is called Pancho Vila (sp)