Antigua Craft Fair 10-13 May 2018

Started by Captain Sensible, May 04, 2018, 08:35:10 AM

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Captain Sensible

The annual Craft Fair is being held at the Cheese Museum/Antigua Windmill site just north of Antigua, from 10 - 13 May 2018.

It's open from 6-9pm on the 10th, and from 10am - 9pm on the 11,12 and 13. Parking and entrance is free. Friday morning will be busy with school visits, and Saturday and Sunday will be very popular too.

Captain Sensible

The programme of events is on this link -
Page 11 has the programme in English, and page 14 gives details of free buses that have been organised.


We went last year, and it is well worth a visit, more of a female thing In my opinion, and has been filed under Been there done that will not be going again.