Started by tigga1958, April 17, 2018, 04:03:51 AM

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Hello, can anyone recommend the best place to get internet package with good connection and speed?

we are in Corralejo  area.

Many thanks


If you have a telephone line connected to your property probably Movistar. There is n office in town where you can check and arrange it. Depending on where you re you can get about 8Mb download.


They've been busy installing fibre optic cables all over Corralejo so you may be able to get a brilliant connection!


Does anybody know how they are getting on & where about in Corralejo they are currently laying fibre optic cables


I saw them doing the cables right down Calle Guirre and Calle Abubilla - that's the road the Mercadona is on and down past Las Americas and the road that cuts across it at the roundabout with the statues of a bloke sitting on a block of stone! I know for a fact that they have installed it inside the Topkapi Palace complex. I'm guessing that they will do/have done, the whole of that area up on the hill.


Seem to be making good progress. Do you know if they've completed Avenida Grandes Playa as far as Los Delphines yet ? I've tried contacting them but getting no response. Thanks


Was down that way this morning. They were working in a hole at the junction of Calle Clavellina and Avda Grandes Playas! Not sure which direction they were going or had been, sorry!