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Caleta beach latest
« on: March 16, 2018, 20:31:51 pm »

The Cabildo de Fuerteventura and the City Council of Antigua have sent the Minister of the Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, a box with stones that have turned the northern part of the El Castillo beach in Caleta de Fuste into a scree. Regeneration works executed by this department of the State Government.

The president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales, the mayor of Antigua, Juan José Cazorla, the vice president and tourism councilor, Blas Acosta, and the minister of Public Works, Edilia Pérez, handed in the Register of the headquarters of the Insular Directorate of the General Administration of the State the box with a writing that becomes the seventh sent to García Tejerina to inform him of the "lamentable" state of El Castillo beach.

"After six briefs sent between March and November of last year to the minister inviting her to come and check and order a final solution from the Ministry to this situation and to check that does not respond, or comes, we will send the evidence of deterioration of the beach that is worse than it was before the works, "said Marcial Morales.

"We do work for excellence and that's why we send the minister the stones and the photos that reflect what he did not want to see live, what the technicians and managers of the Coastal area and the Demarcation in the Canary Islands they have had the opportunity to check and it seems that they have not given equal, "he added. "We are talking about a beach that gives economic life to companies and families that today make a living in the tourist center of Caleta de Fuste", he added.

Juan José Cazorla thanked the Cabildo for the institutional support "that he has always given us". "The beach has been worse than it was before, we have asked for active and passive meetings, they have not taken us into account, they have not even deigned to answer the writings that we have requested on several occasions," he added.

"If you do not want to come, then we are going to send samples of how they have left the beach because the most serious part of this is that they want to receive the beach as it is," said the mayor. "If there were stones before, now there are stones and mud," he added.
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Re: Caleta beach latest
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Can they not import a few thousand tons of proper sand from somewhere & put a decent layer on top. What`s there now should act as a good base. We took a walk & a paddle when we were out in December/January & it is pretty rough. More like crushed up coral than sand!!
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