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Started by Can the Man, February 18, 2018, 00:28:02 AM

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Can the Man

I have planned to hire a 9 seater when next out with the family and extended family. Anybody had any experience renting and using one. I`ve booked with Plus Car as I have always had great experience with them for regular size bars, big and small.


Hi Can, no experience but I will need a seven seater next year for the same reason so interested in the replies 🙂🙂


I`ve a lot of experience, in an almost former life, of large personnel carriers. Mostly based, in those days, on the Transit chassis. Slow, lumbering, tilt a bit more than you are used to on corners and roundabouts but otherwise nothing scary tbh..Just have to remember how long and wide they actually are. Braking is something to get used to on them, they stop fine but often it feels different to the family saloon you may be used to.

  In short just take it steady until you get used to it and you`ll be fine. Not sure what sort of licence you would need for a 9 seater though..UK, for those older ones of us,used to be 7 including the driver, although funeral cars were exempt.

  Hope this helps Can
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Can the Man

Thanks guys, not so much worried about the driving element as I have experience driving small commercials in the past and long wheel based estates, SUV”s and vans. My main interest is in terms of the quality of the vehicle as to whether anyone has experienced renting one. I have no problems with the quality of their cars, so I really only expect the 9 seater to be of the same quality.

Paully you have a point about 9 persons on my licence must check this out.


Unless the law has changed in the last few years a full UK car licence holder was allowed to drive a 16 seater mini-bus. I did it for several years for our Wembley trip.