Montana Tindaya - the saga continues

Started by TamaraEnLaPlaya, August 25, 2017, 23:46:51 PM

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Copied from RTV AguaCabra:

The Coordinadora Montaña Tindaya returns to denounce new vandal acts that have directly affected the podomorph engraving station. This Coordinator stresses that heritage, especially the archaeological heritage, is exposed to be affected by the actions of unscrupulous, ignorant and malicious people who with their actions can irreversibly damage unique patrimonial references and are part of the cultural heritage of our people.

But at the same time, the Coordinadora Montaña de Tindaya strongly denounces the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, which is responsible for the custody, monitoring and dissemination of the archaeological heritage of the island. For more than five years and after repeated denunciations of members of this Coordinator on the damages and plundering carried out in the engraving station, the Cabildo Insular has only taken a decision: to prohibit access to the Mountain. This measure is not only insufficient, but has proved to be ineffective for the intended purpose since daily there are numerous people, most of them visitors to our island, who climb to the Mountain by walking on the engraving station and damaging this and other archaeological manifestations Of the place.

This circumstance is known by the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Historic Heritage of the Cabildo since there have been repeated denunciations with a graphic contribution that confirms the continuous increase of visitors and the absolute lack of vigilance. There is the painful circumstance that the Ministry and that Department denied on two occasions the access (requested formally) of small groups and guided during the celebration of the "Encounter Canarias por Tindaya" held in Fuerteventura in March, despite the fact that Such controlled visits were to be guided by three people, doctors in Archeology and Prehistory, who happen to be the best knowers of this unique heritage.

At the same time as this happens - lack of vigilance and obstacles to know our heritage - the Insular Cabildo is working, through the secretary of the institution, to give confusing talks with which it is intended to convince the population of the virtues Of the project of Chillida in the Mountain. There is no doubt that for the insular institution the construction of a pharaonic work that has already cost 30 million euros of public money before starting, is more important than the defense of the history, heritage and culture of the island of Fuerteventura .

Given the inoperability of the Cabildo Insular de Fuerteventura to manage and protect the public heritage, this Coordinator offers to design a plan of action and management of the Tindaya Mountain that guarantees its custody and disclosure.

Finally, the Coordinadora Montaña de Tindaya will present in the next few days the corresponding judicial denunciation derived from the act of vandalism and the irresponsibility of the insular institution.

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