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Started by tigerseye, June 19, 2017, 22:20:00 PM

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Maybe someone out there will have answer
Recently I had to reset MX box
Understandably lost some apps,one was Showbox
Have tried and tried to download APk from various sources but unsuccessful
Ticked all boxes re unverified sources etc
Still using same Firewall and AV etc
Any ideas ?


Hi Tigerseye
Have you cartoon HD on your MX box? If not then I recommend install for movies and shows if you can't install showbox
I have both showbox & cartoon HD and prefer cartoon HD for movies & shows


Thanks for suggestion but already have Cartoon HD and no problem downloading from Playstore
Its the Showbox APk I would like to get back and thats not on Playstore
Shall keep trying!


You can't instal Showbox from the Playstore. They're all scams.
Go to this link and click the Black download box, NOT the Green ones, they're scams too.

Same with Mobdro, you can't download from the Playstore (all scams).  go to this link.


Will try your suggestion Woe