Author Topic: FEAGA 2017 - 20-23 April  (Read 5003 times)

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Re: FEAGA 2017 - 20-23 April
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2017, 23:06:46 pm »
Had a great day at FEAGA today. Weather wasn't too hot and crowds not as bad as I'd expected on a Saturday. Was slightly disappointed that Oasis Park didn't have their normal exhibition of animals and plants (and camel rides), but there was plenty to see and loads of island cheeses, tomatoes, olives, mojo sauces, mermeladas etc to taste. The traffic/roads and car-parking was very efficiently organised and plenty of toilets available on site. They seem to have built an extra exhibition hall/tent from what I remember of previous years so stalls were not quite so squashed in together.
New taste for the day: mermelada de berros! (watercress jam!) Looks like pesto but has a definite watercress peppery zing to it. Should go nice with cold roast pork ..........