Buses from airport to the apartment in Corralejo - local knowledge

Started by Dan Lloyd, March 01, 2017, 14:45:40 PM

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Dan Lloyd

Hi guys,

Pls could someone assist. We want to be able to catch buses from the airport to Calle Juan de Austria a road in Corralejo? Does anyone know which bus/es would be best and whether there are any stops that are close to this street? Or how we can find way or is it best to catch a taxi?

Many thanks,



Number 3 bus from airport to PDR bus station.  Then number 6 bus from PDR to Corralejo. The No 6 goes round the back of Corralejo and down to the ferry terminal

From Google maps, it looks like Calle Juan de Austria is miles from a bus stop (if you have luggage), so I would get off at the Campanario centre (the new bus station) and get a cab from there to Calle Juan de Austria.

Campanario is the only place (that I know of) where there is both a bus stop and a taxi rank.

If you have no luggage, stay on the bus until the old bus station, get off turn right (up the hill) then left onto LePanto (after 150M) then right onto Tortuga (after 150). Then you need to turn left onto one of the cross streets depending on where your accomodation is on Calle Juan de Austria which runs parallel to Tortuga

I just put "Calle Juan de Austria, corralejo, fuerteventura" into Google Maps to get this info

Dan Lloyd

That's really helpful - thanks. I did google map yesterday from home but couldn't get any info for some reason.

Thanks so much!