Author Topic: Los Molinos (on the west coast)  (Read 11310 times)

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Los Molinos (on the west coast)
« on: July 20, 2015, 01:15:08 AM »
Sorry, forgot to make a note of the name of this restaurant. It's the very first building you come to after crossing the 'duck pond' in Los Molinos.
4 of us went there last week and in general were very disappointed;
I ordered steak but was told 'no meat', so couldn't have the pork as an alternative either. Chose a mixed salad instead which was very nice though; canned tuna, hard boiled egg, prawns, goat's cheese, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and loads of leaf.
Another chose tortilla; this was an individual tortilla, very nice but just a slice of tomato to accompany it.
Another chose a prawn omelette; this looked like someone had thrown up on the plate! Runny scrambled egg with some prawns thrown in. Didn't taste any better than it looked.
The other person chose the fish fillet; looked good, came with Canarian potatoes and a small salad, but they said the fish tasted 'stale' and they left most of their meal.
We won't be eating there again!
I understand there is another restaurant at Los Molinos, further around the little village, has anyone eaten there?

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Re: Los Molinos (on the west coast)
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2018, 12:19:28 PM »
Hi Tamara

While I know it is 3 years since you posted this i am relying as we had lunch there yesterday,

My wife has wanted to go there since we first visited Los Molinos more than 3 years ago, and i have always been lukewarm about the idea as it looks impossible to get however I needed some brownie points so we went here yesterday.

Am I glad we went? Yes based on that is another box ticked.

is it quirky? yes.

was the food good? not really

would we go there again? No

Firstly you have to be a mountain goat to get there, the last 40/50 meters is basically a clamber up some uneven rocks, any one into Health and safety would have a nervous break down.

The menu consisted of octopus in vinagrete, another type of octopus which was not available  king prawns or " a big mixed salad " My wife loves sea food and particularly prawns, so not a problem, while I like seafood I tend to be picky where i eat it, and this did not appear to me to be the place for it, so I wnt with the mixed salad, there was no one else there, but it still took 45 Minutes + to get served the king prans came with a side salad of as yuo would expect lettuce cucumber tomatoes and peppers, plus 3 halves of boiled potatoes with red Mojo sauce over them, a no no for my wife the mixed salad was lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, dates raisins, and peppers, and was accompanied by a basket that contained a large bread roll, and a small tin of tuna which you were left to open if you wished, price salad 12€ prawns 15€ a coke and a 500 Ml water 6€. make your own decision. ::)

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Re: Los Molinos (on the west coast)
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Re: Los Molinos (on the west coast)
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 14:27:57 PM »
John. Thanks for that report. Looks a bit limited (menu)...hence no other customers, my guess.
I always thought those canvas things on the roof were hammocks (a cheap VV)  :D!!