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Firstly. I have absolutely no connection with ZKTV other than having just become a customer. I have to say I was slightly dubious about this service because  I sometimes think they come across a 'bit strong' on this forum. However in desperation because for the first time out here I was finding Filmon unusable! buffering all the time and hanging up. I tried on IPAD, Smart TV, everything but with the same problem. I tested my Movistar line which was showing download of around 8.2Mb so that wasnt the problem.

So I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. They organised a MAG254 box for me (costing â,¬129) and also helped me get a better deal on my ADSL package with Movistar. I pay â,¬18 Euros per month for ZKTV but may well opt for the VOD service, which is not that much extra. I paid a small connection fee and then 3 months in advance. Another good point is that if you are not here for a Calendar month you can switch the service off by simply calling them.

I took delivery of my box on Friday and was immediately called by Paul from ZKTV to make sure everything was working ok - it was, in fact we are absolutely delighted with the system...and because we are often out in the evening the 14 day catchup TV is a great!

So although we have only had the system for a few days, we think it is superb...and so easy to use. Hopefully this will continue as more users get connected.

I can't speak for other systems out there, only that I am very happy with the service provided by ZKTV.


iptvready mag250/254 85 euro youve been done


The Mag 254 box is available for those in UK who want one for £73.75 on Ebay (under 90 euros)


Mag 250 on ebay for £71.00 (86 euros)


So I would get one in the UK (or get one to bring one for you) then contact Paul (ZKTV) to connect you to the service.


Yes I know I could have hot it cheaper in the UK, but to be honest I don't give a damn! Both the supplier of the box and Paul from ZKTV have been most helpful in getting me setup with a TV system I am very happy with.


Fully agree with Decho about ZKTV, we got the system installed last October and it's brilliant, even during the November storms there were no pixelating or buffering. VOD is well worth the small fee, up to date films and series. Paul is always available and often calls just to check that all is well. Highly recommend it.


Thought I`d report back on my positive experience since last September with ZKTV.

I had problems with UKTV and Europa, so have experienced many different ways of getting TV including with a dish. I most say that both the picture on screen  and the communication with Paul, have both been above my expectations. The past poor experiences I have had on Fuerteventura, made me believe that I would always struggle to find a good TV experience with any company. So if anyone else who is starting out looking for a UK television service, you could do a lot worse than learning from myself ( and others) who have been there and have found what we were looking for years ago.

I am glad that this forum will allow new members to short circuit the trials I had, in searching for the solution which took me so long to find.


As Beachlife & Canarian have already stated, you cannot fault the service we have had from ZK TV. Again if there hadn't been a posting on this forum we would never have had a satisfactory outcome to the problems we were having with Europa and English TV. We have now had this service since July last year and it has been brilliant, the customer service is second to none, when we had a slight technical problem with our box Paul fixed it no problems. He rings to see if everything is OK and responds to any questions we may have promptly. All in all an excellent service which we would and do highly recommend.



And just to add ZKTV now have the very last double episode of The Mentalist 10 weeks before its on UK TV, it's on their VOD system

Spike On Q

AND all the sports channels for a bit extra - fantastic!

AND Watch Again for all channels going back over a week!


Had the system for 3 months, delighted with it, great reception/picture, good choice of channels and the play back system is great. We didn't lose the system once when the gales were blowing.

wavell ave

i have only 1 meg would it work on such a low signal



Love the 'trainlapse'.


Watched Shaun the Sheep last night with AAA stream. Don't waste your money on ZKTV.....


Why does ZDTV keep getting free promo on this forum?

Terry M

I believe Android TV is at the dawn of a new era in TV Services. ALL IPTV distributors must be concerned, and some are now promoting Android boxes. You can get all the TV channels, Movies and USA TV Series you can handle on Android, and free. True, it's not handed to you on a plate, but I've found my box maker in the US very helpful, as well as numerous advice on Forums. Why would you want to pay, unless you're rich.


Are you a customer, constanting 'bumping' ZKTV tel number to the top? I don't think so.


As a delighted customer of ZKTV I'm just letting others know that the Wimbledon coverage is fantastic this year - scroll through the channels and see the extra red button options!


I agree with TamaraEnLaPlaya here.
I have just renewed my subscription for the 4th Time and am very happy with the service. Having just returned from Paradise Island it was so nice to be able to watch Andy Murray without any buffering or service loss!
Now I know there are other options available and cannot comment on them but for 18 Euros a month I am delighted with the service that ZKTV provide. We particularly like the 14 day catchup which is so easy to use and is ideal if you are out in the evening dining at one of the many fine restaurants in town. The catchup is light years ahead of BT Visions offering(which I have in the UK) which involves loading IPlayer etc and is clunky, slow to load and a pain in the neck to use!
I know some people on this forum think ZKTV can come across a bit 'strong' on this forum, but Paul that runs the local operation is such a helpful person - you can email him and guarantee a quick response - not that I have ever had to do this because the service has always worked! He also helped me set up a better contract with Movistar which I was most grateful for.


Well said! I think it is time that I also spoke up for the silent customers who have this excellent system from ZKTV. This has given myself and my wife trouble free viewing for the last 9 months with Paul always at hand to to help and advise. We spend a lot of time out enjoying this beautiful island, so the 60 channels that have been recorded for us to watch from the last two weeks is great! It is for us the best TV service I can think of for people like us who want to watch what we want, when we want while still having our social and outdoor life. I hope that many other happy ZKTV customers will post as well.


So, decho, can you let me know what you now pay to Movistar and assume it includes a landline and internet?  This system you have looks interesting,I may look at it.


I pay â,¬38 per month which includes line rental, 10Mb download ADSL( I actually normally get 8+Mb), free  mobile phone with free minutes and texts(can't remember exact amount). On top of that I pay â,¬18 per month for ZKTV.
So â,¬53 per month in total, may seem a lot but for me it's worth it as I need broadband for work when I am out there.
I paid about â,¬130 for the MAG 254 box you need -you can probably get it cheaper than that but I got it installed and running for that. There is a guy in Corralejo who can supply you with the box.
Paul from ZKTV can help you out with the exact details if you are interested


Should also have said they offer a free trial I think.


Many thanks decho.


Thanks to you both for your positive comments. It is how this section should work, rather than constant disparagement of competitor systems by ZKTV.
Anyone new to the forum can make up their own minds  :D

Terry M

For the telephone and internet it may well be worth signing up to ZKTV, especially if you're with Movistar, that's if they are prepared to do just those elements. As far as TV is concerned there is no comparison with Android, there are hundreds of channels available, including every UK channel, and a massive amount of sports and movies, all totally free. Playback is available on all BBC, ITV, Ch.4 and Ch.5, plus American TV series, movies and most sports. Of course you don't have anybody standing behind you to help. Personally we like to watch a lot of sports and the latest movies, but it's not everyone's choice.


There are loads and loads of "Help" videos on Youtube.

Just search KODI XBMC HOW TO , (whatever).


Is ZKTV available in Corralejo? Just got my ADSL installed last week and really struggling with the Android box  :o Any contact info for installers? Cheers


Yes I am in Corralejo and have ZKTV. -  excellent  service and easy to use. I will PM you contact details.


Hi Pandali,

You can contact Paul at ZKT TV on 922323741 or email him at

His service is excellent  ;D ;D



Some Bloke

This is all very helpful to know as we will shortly be looking at a UK TV service (since all we've got from plugging in is Spanish channels) and I wasn't at all sure where to start.

This looks like a good starting point and the support and after sales sound really good - are there any others to consider? Would prefer cable rather than a dish.