Suspicious activity at Caleta Playa Apartments

Started by AviationFanatic, October 26, 2014, 22:19:18 PM

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So ive just come back from 10 days in corrie staying at the caleta playa apartments. A friend couple we made over there encountered a problem around 5am saturday morning

The female said she sat right up in bed and said "what the f**k" to find their apartment front door wide open with a spanish male standing their watching them, they both jumped out of bed and the male went downstairs to check if anyone was there and if anything had been taken while the female chased after the person standing at the door, she said he took off running for the beach and when she got to the slope she lost sight of him. When investigating the door they noticed alot of dints about knee height where it looks like it had been kicked and fresh stratches what look like to be from a screwdriver just underneath the lock where the person has tried to open the door a little to make it easier to open. This happened the only night they forgot to double lock the door, they also found that when the door isnt double locked you can push it open without using hardly any force, upon which when we tried my apartment door and another familys door it wouldnt open. Unfortunately reception wasnt open on satuday so they reported it to chris who runs the pool bar and he sent an email to the manager.

I suspect that someone or a group of people are going round caleta playa apartments trying to break in hoping to find a door that isnt double locked

Just a heads up for anyone staying there or that area anytime soon


The Caleta Playa apartments are notorious for their insecurity. Lovely apartments in a handy position with a nice view if you get one of the old apartments that are evenly numbered. Nice layout inside with an upstairs. I stayed there lots of times but having been burgled twice and talked to others that had also been burgled I found somewhere else. There are so many faults with the apartments, and sadly they could be put right if the owner cared about his clients, but he doesn`t. Poor lighting, balconies that can be accessed by simply walking up the wall, french windows that have locks pop rivetted on, easily opened with a screwdriver, bathroom windows that can also be easily opened, as you have also discovered, flimsy doors with poor locks, and escape routes right onto the beach. Since I stayed there they have at least fitted the windows with bars but a whole lot more needs to be done. For some reason the apprentice burglars of Corralejo seem to use it as a training exercise, try a search on here, the old topic might still be here somewhere.
Mentor to the boneheads.