Ocean House

Started by bevlos, May 24, 2014, 08:53:41 AM

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Spent the day in Morro Jable for the first time in around 15 years. My how this resort has grown up!

Found Ocean House on the front opposite the lighthouse towards the end of the strip.

Great liitle place with a real character waiting on the tables. He was chatty in lots of languages, singing to the songs on the sound system and working the tables for the specials of the day.

We had the 9 tapas for 25euro deal which while not cheap was really well presented on slate boards and had a nice selection of food. We didnt like the green peppers so he replaced it with something else for free.

Not a big place but nicely furnished and very clean and he was pretty busy throughout the day as we passed by a few times shopping before we decided to eat.

Worth a visit if you are in this area of the island.

Great resort as well lots to do and see and fabulous beaches as well.   


Thank you for this recommendation. We always eat ( fish !) in Morro Jable especially down by the port but it's very useful to hear of alternatives in the Jandia area; and near the Faro beach as well. Will try it.
Don't think Jandia has many good eating places; happy to be told otherwise