Favourite Car Hire Company Poll

Started by admin, May 24, 2013, 16:28:35 PM

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Which Car Hire Company were you most pleased with?

4x4 Rental
0 (0%)
500 Rent-A- Car
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Auto Ventura
0 (0%)
Autos Alonso
0 (0%)
Autos E. Soto
0 (0%)
Autos Frenchy
0 (0%)
Autos Hernandez
0 (0%)
Autos Martel
1 (0.6%)
Autos Serapia
0 (0%)
Autos Victoria
2 (1.2%)
Avia Car
1 (0.6%)
2 (1.2%)
41 (24.7%)
4 (2.4%)
King Auto
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
31 (18.7%)
Plus Car
49 (29.5%)
Renting Car 2000
0 (0%)
Top Car Autoreisen
31 (18.7%)
1 (0.6%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
3 (1.8%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 68


If you've hired a car with any of these companies please let others know if you were happy with them.


Cant seem to find Orlando and Goldcar admin....have I missed them...bound to be popular  :P


Can the Man


I have voted, but as Voldermort has said, where is Orlando? This company provided me with one of the most unforgettable car rental experiences ever.


Voted for Martel. Used them several times and they are always cheap and spot on.


Orlando maybe under Skip Hire. And they would only qualify as favourite in a parallel universe.


fuerte crazy

Plus car for me too.  Used to use Payless/Cabrera Medina but don't seem to be able to beat Plus Car these days.

Nottingham Red

Cicar In Caleta, used 3 times now , Very good service, cars were new and immaculate

Mr Boo Boo

Well I have voted at last (better late than never) Hertz for me (now that's bucking the trend) :P

Can the Man

Hey Admin, any chance of putting up a Satisfaction Poll on Car Hire companies, where you can have negative votes as well ?


Just arrived, got ourselves an Astra from Cicar rented for 50 days at €1100 all in, including two drivers insured.

Tried to book through Pluscar but they only had a small Skoda for the 50 days we wanted.

While deciding we did find Autoreisen and Payless to be ever so slightly cheaper, but again only Cicar had the car we wanted, at a very fair price - we've read enough positive reviews on Cicar to feel comfortable with our choice.


Just used Pluscar for the first time after seeing the comments on here and have to say they were faultless! Unfortunately already booked Avis for May but booked Pluscar for June and July.


Quote from: Can the Man on February 04, 2014, 13:54:07 PM
Hey Admin, any chance of putting up a Satisfaction Poll on Car Hire companies, where you can have negative votes as well ?

Good idea! :-)


hi,we hired recently off avia in castillo,the lady was good,explained what you get ,cdw was included,we ended up with three days for the price of two,fiat panda was enough to tour around the island as first timers to get our bearings ,next visit is to chill,beach ,sunbathe etc,clothes free,why not,its the best suit i ever had ,always fits, never needs adjusting, :-*


Certainly wish I had seen this before - have had some nightmare rental experiences in the Canaries. Goldcar would definitely make 'Watchdog' in the UK!

This time gone with Cicar after someone recommended them and they are like a breath of fresh air.


Top Car AutoRiesen get my vote for quality of car and service apart from arrival on a Saturday >:( and I think they could manage that better.