Suite Hotel Castillo San Jorge and Antigua ★★★ Caleta de Fuste

Started by admin, July 13, 2012, 02:24:42 AM

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Offering impressive views of Caleta de Fuste Bay, Castillo San Jorge & Antigua is 500 metres from the town centre and Castillo Beach.

It features outdoor pools and sports facilities.

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Am i allowed to post here? I hope so.. well i'll give my quick overview anyway :)

I/We've stayed at this hotel 4 times in the last 2 years and haven't really had any problems at all. The entertainment is ok, but there's other things happening around De Fuste as well so it's worth exploring.

There are activities during the daytime, Darts, Water Polo, Pool, Rifle Shooting and Archery which is fun and encouraged by the animation team.

We've stayed here All Inclusive but maybe we just aren't the type of family to be tied down. The food was ok, but i found it rather bland, however the rest of the family thought it was great.

The hotel is in a great position at the side of the ocean, and is loads cheaper than Barcelo.


Castillo Suites is now the Hotel Risco Dorado. It has changed to an adult only, all inclusive hotel. It comprises of the area between The Kings Arms and Luna Blues. The rest of the complex is as before.


Yes Ann it does say it's now AI but also (a bit puzzling) says to contact them for a self catering room so not sure what its 'turned into ' really  ;D

Hotel Risco Dorado
April 28
From the 1st of May the hotel will turn into an all inclusive adults only feel free to contact us to book your self catering room  <---------------
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