Alameda de Jandía?

Started by Will196, June 24, 2014, 12:37:53 PM

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Can anybody comment on this hotel? If it matters late winter/early spring.

The location seems fine but it also seems cheaper then most other places. Is it cheap for a reason? Or is it just basic? We can manage with basic but we'd like clean and quiet.

It's supposed to be near a shopping centre? We fly light and with the 100ml carry on limits we need to buy shampoo,sun screen etc on arrival. Is the centre near by? How late is it open?

Finally get a data sim. Is there a phone shop nearby?


I've been in that hotel two times.

There is nothing really wrong with that hotel, but it is very basic - specifically in terms of pools, sun areas and entertainment. Also breakfast and meal services are very basic, so I prefer to book self-catering there. It is clean and quiet, but renovated only partly, so some of the rooms may have very worn-out interior. They have quite a range of price categories, maybe for that reason.

Also one good thing there is that you will not feel yourself very ancient with that company  :D

Be sure to reserve a sea-view room from 5th to 9th floor and you will have magnificent scenery and sunshine on the balcony. All rooms are facing the sea so there is no risk of getting a room from the "wrong" side of the building.

The location is excellent. The beach is close, but also the centre of the village. All shops, bars and restaurants are nearby.

Phone shops are in the center of Morro Jable, but that is within walking distance as well.


Thanks. I'm worried the upper floor might be too warm. So they don't heat up a lot?

Self catering is perfect for us.


Quote from: Will196 on June 25, 2014, 13:16:23 PM
Thanks. I'm worried the upper floor might be too warm. So they don't heat up a lot?

Late winter/early spring it will not be too hot even in upper floors.

Here's a couple of pics from the 9th floor balcony, November 2012: