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Title: Firma electronica
Post by: matahari on July 10, 2019, 10:39:48 am
Anyone know how we go about getting our firma electroinca in Puerto?
Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: calculator on July 10, 2019, 10:42:40 am
I presume u mean digital certificate? (getting outdated)

In any case, u should sign up for CLAVE as that's the way forward and enables u to do almost anything online. Excellent system.

INSS can sign u up, amongst others. Appointment necessary.

Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: Lexeus on July 11, 2019, 11:29:49 am
I signed up for "Certificado electronico" at the AEAT office in Puerto del Rosario last week. It was very easy and the guy was very friendly, took 30 mins including a wait because I didn't have an appointment although they said you do NEED an appointment.

The advice about doing this in the general hospital (https://www.fuerteventura-forum.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=k0aau7s1888po62u3547cht912&topic=24240.0) is no longer uptodate as the office has moved, and also Margarit is on holiday until the 16th July so you can't do it in the hospital until after then. ;)

I signed up online following the steps to get a reference number emailed to me, I then took this reference number along with my Spanish driving license (UK passport would do) and I had a confirmation email to download the certificate within the hour. :)

Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: wavell ave on July 13, 2019, 19:58:02 pm
what is a firma electronica for please
Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: Logitechtom on July 13, 2019, 22:49:42 pm
It is needed for any access to any government website, be it the local council (eg La Olivia) or national government (eg. Tax office).

Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: wavell ave on July 14, 2019, 18:21:01 pm
yes but for what information?
Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: Archer on July 14, 2019, 20:16:33 pm
It is to access any personal information, and is just like a password but is Certified for use on a particular device, for just your persoanl use on local government or hacienda websites. Hopefully keeps your data secure!
Tax inforrmation, persoanl data, IBI tax, vehicle info, catastral. You name it, if it is there you can view or modify it.
Title: Re: Firma electronica
Post by: Lexeus on July 08, 2020, 05:16:11 am
Just to clarify this for any future readers of this Thread.

You all want a "Certificado Electronico" it is a electronic security certificate that you install in your computer's web browser and it uniquely identifies you by your NIE number, essentially legally speaking this is like showing your Passport to someone to prove who you are (so don't let anyone you don't trust get access to your machine afterwards)

Then once you have the "Certificado Electronico" you can access absolutely anything online that the frustrating state/council offices make you wait ages for, as long as their a government portal for it. I wish someone had told me about it years ago. You can actually use a "Certificado Electronico" to register with the state police to get your green card with only one visit I believe...

Many documents that you would have signed in person can then be signed online, this is referred to as a "Firma Electronico" but that is just the name given to the physical action of 'Electronically signing' a legal document.