Author Topic: How to embed a map in posts  (Read 10814 times)

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How to embed a map in posts
« on: August 26, 2013, 14:23:06 PM »
Here's how to include a map for e.g. Nort y Sur

1. Go to - (There's a permanent link 2nd top of the column on the left)

2. Choose the appropriate location from the top menu - e.g. in this case - Puerto del Rosario

3. Fiddle with the map to locate your spot roughly centred.

4. Click the link in the left column "Share your Location" then "Drop Marker at centre"

5. Drag the marker to the exact spot, click on its name and change it from "Drag, Name - Copy Link" to e.g. "Nort y Sur"

6. From the left column, choose the link under the headline "Embed Map iFrame in posts"

7. Copy that and paste it in your post

[map]?=28.497962557132155,%20-13.881590366363525=15=Nort y Sur=roadmap[/map]
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