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Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 13:28:15 »
New eruptive mouth in Montaña Rajada
There are already four eruptive sources of the volcano and there are fears for the stability of the volcanic cone

During the morning of this Saturday a new eruptive mouth was opened in the La Palma volcano and there are already four that emit lava since the eruption began last Sunday. This new lava source is located further west of the main focus at the time when the volcano experiences its most intense hours.

The new mouth, of which it is still unknown if it has a lot of magmatic load, is added to the two that were opened on Friday and that caused the eviction of some 160 people from the neighborhoods closest to the volcanic cone area. The opening of a new mouth increases the risk of total or partial collapse of the volcanic cone.

While the cloud of ash and stones has increased in recent hours, which has forced, in addition to the aforementioned evacuations, to close the air sky of La Palma for safety. the population is recommended not to go out into the street, and if they do, they should do so with eye protection and a mask. Also try to remove the ash from the roofs of the houses before the possibility that the roofs give way due to accumulation.

(Information in development)
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 13:03:35 »
A new source of emission appears in the La Palma volcano
The Pevolca authorities will give a press conference at 2:00 p.m. to report on the evolution of the volcanic eruption

NOTICES DIARY09/25/2021 · UPDATED 12:57


A new source of emission appears in the La Palma volcano. Involves
The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute has confirmed this Saturday, on its Twitter account, the opening of a new emission focus at the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on La Palma, which erupted last Sunday. This new opening has appeared "further west of the main focus," says Involcan.

The Technical Director of the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Assistance for Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, and the director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the Canary Islands,
María José Blanco, will appear before the media to report on the evolution of the volcanic eruption on La Palma from 2:00 p.m.
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 13:00:39 »

I just do not understand for the life of me why the Cabildo have allowed these tourists to actually set foot on the island. Its just plain stupidty .


Appeal to the curious and tourists: "Do not collapse La Palma and let work"
With no direct flights to the island as the airport is closed due to ash, the island fills up with people who want to see the volcano the first weekend after the eruption

Refrain tourists and curious. What in other circumstances can be essential to reactivate the tourism sector and, therefore, the island's economy, at this time can be a hindrance for the security and emergency forces that work on La Palma to guarantee the safety of the island. population.

And although the aerial sky of the island remains closed, in the last flights and boats to La Palma, as seen in the image, they were filled with people who wanted to see the volcano up close without their first intention being to collaborate with the evacuees or help with the rest of the tasks related to the eruption.

«There are people attending the island of La Palma for the sole purpose of seeing the volcano. It is happening like when it snows on the peaks and people collapse the roads despite the authorities insisting that it not climb. We call for responsibility in this regard and that as far as possible the people who go to La Palma go because it is strictly necessary and thus stop seeing images of collapses in ports, airports and, above all, roads on the island », Assert the firefighters who work on the island.

Changing roads for safety

The Cabildo de La Palma has informed through social networks of a series of changes in the roads of the island, to guarantee maximum safety, fluidity of circulation and facilitate the work of the emergency device, the following changes:

LP-3 and LP-2, in the section between the Padrón roundabout and the Maderas la Rueda roundabout, only residents, workers who perform their duties in the zones, emergency vehicles and authorized vehicles will be able to access the area.

The establishment in the surroundings of these vehicles will only be allowed: Arrow to the right, neighbors and people who work in the area must present a proof of residence or an authorization.

These measures will be in force from today and will be applied as long as the evolution of the volcanic eruption advises it. Applies 24 hours a day
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 12:21:51 »

Afternoon all
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 12:19:53 »
This live feed is from an angle further way.
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 12:09:08 »
This is a live feed so much darkness because of the black ash.
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 11:52:19 »
The lavic canal is so big because it sometimes drags large blocks that are dragged by the lava flow, so this huge channel is formed. This also grazes at the bottom of it, digging like a water canal and eroding the ground in the steepest areas of the canal. (Enrique)
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 11:51:10 »
25/09/2021-11:00 h Canaria. - LA PALMA ISLAND ERUPTION.- THE CRATER, SEEN FROM THE SOUTH, WITH AN AWESOME LAVICO CHANNEL. THE NEW MOUTH TO RIGHT.- Good morning, The most important thing this morning is that the volcano is still strong and with a very high tremor, although it has lowered the explosive activity fortunately, you don't see so many explosions in the Earthquake.

The video shows this morning the immense lavic channel on the south side of the cone, where the lava comes out that has gone to the flow 4 in the south and has done so during the last two days. On the right would be the mouths that opened yesterday, pouring to the west side. And there's more, the north side is untouched, hasn't dropped any flow yet, yesterday almost did, but in the end he excavated a canal and it looks like he's lifted.

This is something that worries me, because the moment a flow falls on that N side, where they will surely open mouths in the next few days, a new arm of lava will be formed that will run further north than the current one, Hopefully, hopefully this doesn't happen and respect that area and half a thousand houses he would take if he does.

As far as flow and as they go, the best photo is this where you see the south 4 flow on the right and the new flow that have been going out all night over the areas already affected on the left, I'll see if I map out exactly where they are moving.

In the seismic there are news, 5 earthquakes of magnitudes have been located just under old summit, in the same area where the first swarm began in Fuencaliente, which will be more but with the noise so intense of the tremor, they cannot be located well if they are less than 2 magnitude. Reading is that new magma comes intruding from those layers. We don't know whether down the same road or opening more, like a grown of a river, but we'll see it as it goes up, as it will surely pressurize before leaving. Whatever these earthquakes claim the volcano is going to be very well fed for a couple of weeks at least and much I'm afraid it will give you to speak, with the possibility of moderate earthquakes sensed in the next few days.

es2021srfao 13:07:51 23/09/2021 12:07:51-17.8312 13 km M 2.6 mbLg NE FUENCALIENT OF THE PALM. IL IL
es2021stxra 00:48:26 24/09/2021 23:48:26-17.8471 11 km M 2.7 mbLg N PALM FUENCALIENT. ILP
es2021subky 02:42:31 25/09/2021 01:42:31-17.8586 11 km M 2.8 mbLg N PALM FUENCALIENT. ILP
es2021suirk 06:22:11 25/09/2021 05:22:11-17.8556 12 km M 2.6 mbLg N PALM FUENCALENT. ILP
es2021sumlg 08:16:15 25/09/2021 07:16:15-17.8412 13 km M 2.4 mbLg NE PALM FUENCALIENT. IL IL

I keep editing the post (Enrique)
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 11:39:08 »
Fascinating to watch but heartbreaking aswell the lava flow is getting closer to the sea.
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