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Thanks for that

Spent last week in GHN and loved it. Beds were as comfortable as anywhere we've ever stayed and it was spotless. Staff were superb and the place was busy. It's worth the extra money to stay inan apartment with a view. Naturism was observed except for one lady who arrived towards the end of the week and kept her bottoms on, no one complained that I saw but it did look a bit strange with everyone else naked. I'd return any time

When I visited as an evening guest of a resident they were naked in the restaurant but had to wear a wrap to go to the buffet. Everybody was seemed to be fully clothed.
I understand that the same applies for breakfast.

When I stayed there the owners said they don't enforce a rule that you have to be dressed in the restauarant for dinner, but it just seems to be the done thing abroad. I could easily have eaten naked as it was warm enough in there, but I didn't want to be the odd one out. Next time I will eat naked at one of the tables outside the restaurant if warm enough.

Maybe we should have a concerted forum effort to turn the restaurant naturist!  Obviously, only if it's warm enough.  We have fond memories of naturist dinners at Sorobon in Bonaire about 10 years ago, a lovely experience.


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