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Thong Man 007:
 8) Gran Hotel Natura is a fully naturist hotel.
It is the first hotel when you get into Corralejo. The hotel does good food and has a small supermarket.  8) The hotel has 3 pool's and a small cafe by the main pool. You also have access straight onto the sand dunes by a rear gate so you don't have to get dressed just to go onto the dunes.
Breakfast - 09.00 to 10.30
Evening meal - 17.00 to 21.30
Bar open all evening till the last person leaves.  8)
There are premier rooms with a sea view or just rooms and some face the main road and others face towards the beach. Other rooms just face each other.  8)
Prices ain't to expensive to stop here.  8)
You do not need to have cash with you by the pool as all drinks and food taken at the pool bar are charged to your room and paid at the end of your holiday.  8)

so you can discard your thong then mr thong man?

Thanks for the info thong man. Lots of useful information.  With the food and small supermarket, it sounds like one could be nude from the moment you step into the lobby to the moment you leave and still be able to visit the beaches and the dunes, etc.  Very nice.

And you finally found your bar which lets you remain thong-free.  :)

There are now some recent reviews on TripAdvisor ( which sound as if the new staff are working well.  Marcel and Richard, the two guys managing it, were previously involved with Magnolias Natura in Gran Canaria.  We've stayed there a number of times and both Marcel and Richard are very bright, professional people with a good focus on customer satisfaction.

spongebob squarepants:
Is this 'clothing optional' or is full nudity compulsory ? Whilst I'm happy to bare all 24/7 my wife is comfortable topless only.


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