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At the beginning of the most attractive area of a long, white beach with fine sand-dunes, gently sloping towards the sea. Corralejo is 5 km. away.

The elegant Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas is air-conditioned throughout and has been partially refurbished (communal rooms).

Our guests receive excellent service in the restaurant with no-smoking section, in the snack-bar/cafeteria, in the lounge-bar "Betancuria" and in the piano bar with its large open-air terrace. Furthermore, the Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas has a shopping arcade with a souvenir shop, boutique and hairdresser's.

The gardens are especially pleasant, with two fresh water swimming pools, terrace and pool bar. Loungers, sun umbrellas and swimming towels are at the guests' disposal.

Daily live music and shows several nights a week. Piano recitals, 6 nights.

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I will not talk for a long time, everything is here:

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Just got back.  I stay there twice a year (June and November) and have been doing so since 2003.

There have been some changes, mainly in the restaurant.  The menu now rotates over one week, whereas it used to be a two week rotation. 

The food is still excellent with a huge choice.  Some of my personal favorite dishes have been retired, but new ones have been introduced.  Unfortunately, the gazpacho only appears on one night a week, whereas before you could have this everynight. Also gone is the salsa for Pan Tomate at breakfast, but there is still cava every morning

You can no longer ask the restaurant staff to keep the remains of a bottle of wine "para manana", but there now is the option of a 20cl glass (around 6 euros) or 37.5 carafe (around 9.5 euros) of a selection of 10 or so wines. 

Drinks are not cheap.  300 cl beer 2.95 euros.  5.60 for an expresso and a 103 brandy

There is a charge for the room safe of 16 euros a week.

Pool towels are provided free of charge and can be changed regularly.

In general the staff are friendly and helpful, but if there is a problem they will fix the problem you tell them about, not necessarily the underlying problem.  I complained that the AC vent was whistling when the window was open. They stopped it whistling by covering the vent with masking tape.  Fine in November, not such a good idea in June.

The entertainment comes in 2 forms. There are "imported" acts (booked though Romantika) on 3 nights a week and a piano player/singer in the bar 6 nights.  But he should stick to playing and forget the singing. His repetoire is the same every night, just the order changes

The clientele is predominately German (80%), middle class and middle aged to elderly.  Probably why a doctor visits twice a day, Monday to Friday.  He spent 45 mins over 2 days fixing a badly broken toe nail (watch out for the rocks on the beach!!) and charged me 30 euros. Cheaper than the vet!

Single rooms are fine. A little smaller than the doubles (well the ones I ask for are) but they don't have a balcony and overlook the entrance to the hotel so they do suffer from some traffic noise and chatter.

The beds are universally HARD, but you can ask for a pad to soften it and, if there are any available, it partly solves the problem

But just try and find another 4 star hotel, 4 hours from the UK, with reliable weather year round, good food, on a clothing optional beach and which doesn't rip you off for single rooms.  If you do, please tell me about it

Just remembered.

Regular visitors might want to know that Bernardo, the head waiter, is retiring at the end of the year.


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